Macmillan English Grammar in Context

Michael Vince and Simon Clarke

Macmillan English Grammar in Context is a three-level (Essential, Intermediate and Advanced) grammar practice series.

Key Features

* Grammar explanations with traditional practice activities and contextual examples
* Cross-curricular content areas include: literature, science, geography, history and social science
* Examples demonstrate real-world usage of English grammar
* Review section for extra practice
* Grammar index and wordlist for easy use
* Ideal for self-study or classroom use
* Most units contain 1 page of grammar explanation and 2/3 pages of practice
* With and without Key editions available
* The free CD-ROM contains unit-by-unit interactive material, a glossary of all words that are highlighted in the book, extra practice for each unit and printable tests for each language area


Macmillan English Grammar in Context